Snow(flakes) in the garden

17 04 2008

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Thanks to Kerry, I now know that the plant label identified this flower incorrectly. It is not a Snowdrop; it is a Snowflake! Thanks, Kerry!



3 responses

19 04 2008

Great picture. I can’t grow snowdrops this far south, but I do have summer snowflakes which look very similar. I just love these little bulbs showing up in early spring. They get me ready for spring to really blossom forth.

Jan Always Growing

6 04 2009

Wonderful photo! But I’m near 100% positive that these are not snow drops, but “Leucojum Aestivum,” or Snowflake. They hang in umbels of 3, and have the green dots on the outside.

6 04 2009

You’re right, Kerry. Thanks for the identification!

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