Signs of spring in dad’s backyard

6 04 2011

When I was photographing my niece Lauren wearing the necklaces (see previous post), we startled a tiny bird nesting in one of the hanging ivies on the back porch. I took a peek and noticed this perfectly-formed tiny nest with three little eggs. We don’t know what kind of bird she is—she’s very small, slimmer than a sparrow. The eggs have a slightly blueish tint and some dark speckles here and there. Any guesses? It’s not the best photo in the world (certainly won’t win any prizes), but I didn’t want to disturb the nest to get a better shot—-I just held the camera up above the ivy and photographed it without looking. This is the best shot I got!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




One response

7 04 2011
Pond Leak

Its very difficult to guess what kind of bird those are. Maybe these eggs are the little black sparrow’s eggs. But i am not sure about the exact bird. But however its really a very beautiful footage.

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