Craft Room: Crochet wire necklaces

20 04 2011

My family and friends (and perhaps some of you, my treasured readers) have noticed that when I learn a new skill, I go a wee bit crazy implementing it, expanding upon it and trying to perfect it. In a previous posting here, I debuted the first necklaces my sister Debbie and I made last month after taking a class in San Antonio. I have since made four more wire creations. Never content with just the basics, I’ve begun embellishing them with charms, such as in the four strand “Sea Goddess” (#1) and the triple strand “Falling Leaves” (#2). “Bluer than Blue” (#3) is a two strand version. The last triple strand version in this group (“Tropical Punch”) is a gift for my friend Gina’s mother. I think my next one will be garden-themed with floral embellishments and garden tool charms.

Taking orders soon! (Seriously. How else can I pay for these hobbies?)  😉

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6 responses

20 04 2011

They are gorgeous! If only my mother were still with us, I’d have to buy one of each for her. She was the glamour girl! I believe you will do very well with these beautiful pieces.

21 04 2011

I love them all!!! But the Gold one is to die for… WOW!!!

21 04 2011

Thanks, Jenny. I took a look at your bead blog. Your beads are GORGEOUS! Do you sell them?

21 04 2011

Thank you Cindy :o) Yes, I do sell my beads. I have a website and I sell on Etsy and Artfire… under the name Kokorobeads. Where can I see more of your work?

21 04 2011

I love these! Are you really going to sell them? Esty? Your own web site? I’d like to know!

8 06 2011

Don’t see enough wire crocheting around. These are amazing! Great work, I love it.

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