15 05 2011

The Columbine gets its common name from the Latin columba or dove. The genus name for the plant is Aquilegia (derived from the Latin word for eagle—aquila—named this because the shape of flower petals resemble an eagle’s claw).  This herbaceous perennial is rated hardy to zone 3 and prefers partial shade and well-drained soil. It is very easy to propagate from seed and will self-sow. The seeds and roots are highly poisonous.

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19 05 2011
Lula (

I love this shot! I am preparing some about aquilegias in different colors. Hope you would like them. Lula

19 05 2011

Thanks for the comment, Lula! I rather liked this shot as well…there’s something soft and ethereal about the lighting—and it’s high key lighting as well…normally I don’t like a “white” sky (preferring blue if it must be shown), but in this case, I think it was an advantage for me. I’ll check out your shots as well when you post them!

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