My own Lilytopia

10 06 2011

While my Lily bounty (five varieties with 67 flowers in bloom this morning!) pales in comparison to Longwood Gardens’ Lilytopia exhibit (more than 10,000 cut flowers), it is no less lovely and no less loved.

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5 responses

10 06 2011
Nell Jean

I much prefer yours. The Botanical Garden’s cut flowers in no way relate to gardening and the pleaures derived.

25 06 2011

Thank you, Nell. While I love cut flowers in a vase when someone else grows and sells them, I can’t bear to cut mine for that purpose!

10 06 2011

Just lovely Cindy. Makes me envious. My new garden is a mess of half demolition half installation projects. What type of light does your asiatics receive? How tall are they?

25 06 2011

Hi Don,

Some of my Asiatics are in full sun most of the day; some only get partial sun. I have noticed that some of the plants that get a little less sun have smaller blooms (and fewer). That could just be coincidence, perhaps? The height of the plants varies, but most are at least two feet tall. The pink and yellow combination (like the ones by the fence) are almost FOUR feet tall! I had to tether them to metal poles to keep them from flopping over!

14 06 2011
Watching Seasons

Those lilies look great! Just noticed them blooming recently.

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