Same time, last year: Blue Dasher Dragonfly

27 06 2011

Originally posted June 27, 2010

I was fervently hoping to get some shots of the dragonflies yesterday at Kenilworth, but they were very active and rarely settled long enough for me to photograph them. It was getting hotter and I was just about to give up. I set my tripod down to rest and something compelled me to look to my immediate left—a little more than a foot away from my head, at eye level, was a Blue Dasher clinging to a bare branch sticking out of the pond. I moved really, really slowly and was able to fire off about a dozen shots before he dashed away.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




4 responses

27 06 2011

The second shot is really nice, wish we had some dragonflies that I could stalk around here.

27 06 2011

He looks so graceful! Amazing detail!

27 06 2011
Steve Schwartzman

Excellent sharpness in the close-up. The color scheme of blue, green, and yellow is appealing.

Steve Schwartzman

27 06 2011
Watching Seasons

Impressive photography!

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