The culling process

1 07 2011

When I return from photographing any subject, I immediately delete (or cull) out the images that are out-of-focus, too overexposed or underexposed, and the occasional experimental image that didn’t quite pan out. I’m immediately drawn to specific images—sometimes it might be a great composition, a combination of colors that moves me, or an expression on someone’s face. These are the very first images I prepare for my high resolution stock files and for this blog. Sometimes when I revisit a session, even years later, I will occasionally find an image or two that didn’t get my attention initially but now deserve a second look. Below are just a few that made it out of oblivion to the light of day!

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6 responses

1 07 2011
Daily Photo NZ

Nice work 🙂

1 07 2011

Thanks, Stephen. I think your “donation to a charity” for your photos is a great idea.

1 07 2011

Your macros are fantastic! Someday . . . I will invest in a lens.

1 07 2011

Thanks, Therisita!

1 07 2011

When downloading the photos, it is always a disappointment when the experimental photo does not come out as envisioned when taken. But then once in a while, there are the few unexpected winners that pop out and stand out from the rest of the batch.

6 07 2011
Steve Schwartzman

It’s great that you were able to keep so much in focus in that first image, which also has a wonderful pastel palette. And those green “eyes” at the bottom keep staring at me.

When conditions are difficult, I sometimes do several shots of a subject in quick succession. A detail that’s slightly out of focus in one image may be replaceable by the corresponding in-focus area from another.

Steve Schwartzman

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