Tibouchina buds

24 10 2011

I had to work hard to get this particular shot! The Tibouchina blooms were well out of normal reach—completely surrounded by other plants and shrubs. In order to get these Tibouchina buds centered against a backdrop of a Tibouchina bloom, I had to immerse myself in a tall thicket of grass, carefully position my tripod around a bed of Lantana, repeatedly change the camera angle so I wouldn’t get visitors passing by in the background, and fiddle with various f-stop and ISO combinations. I thought about using my tri-grip diffuser, but there wasn’t enough room for me, the camera, the diffuser, and the surrounding branches and grasses!

I shot this image with a wide aperture to get that really out of focus bokeh, but I like the results—showcasing these fuzzy little pink buds against the intensely purple blooms they will eventually become! (Shot with a Nikon D300 at ISO 250, 1/80 sec, f/9.0, manual focus with Nikkor 105mm micro lens, center weighted metering)

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




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