White Bat Flower

25 10 2011

I photographed this exotic White Bat Flower (Tacca integrifolia), originating from Southeast Asia, in the conservatory at the U.S. Botanic Garden. This is undoubtedly the oddest-looking flower I’ve ever photographed! A tender tropical perennial, it is actually part of the yam family (Dioscoreaceae). Learn more about this unusual plant here.

From what I’ve read, they’re a bit challenging to grow. Learn more details here.

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4 responses

26 10 2011

I love this photo. Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful specimen. Great photo too. 🙂

26 10 2011
Tim @ landscaping page

Beautiful photo! The White Bat Flower would look really good in my back garden.Still, I would need to know what growing conditions, soil and so on it needs to thrive.

26 10 2011

Hi Tim,

I found this list of things to consider to grow this unusual plant:

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

26 10 2011
Tim @ landscaping page

Thanks Cindy! I will look into that.

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