Thank you, Eric Gauger!

6 06 2012

When I put the link to my recent post, “To see the world in a grain of sand” on Facebook, I got a response from fellow photographer Erik Gauger. He wrote: “Great photo and post. Is this possibly a leafhopper nymph?”

I googled “leafhopper nymph” and I’m pretty sure this is what my bug is! Check out this tack sharp shot below by Vipin Baliga:

Photographer Vipin Baliga writes: A leafhoppers’ diet commonly consists of sap from a wide and diverse range of plants. The excess sugar and water is extruded as silky waste from behind. Natural Cotton candy producers I would say.

Thanks again, Erik! Readers—I met Eric through blogging a few years ago and plan on interviewing him on this blog soon. He is a very gifted travel writer and photojournalist. Check out his highly praised website,




One response

8 06 2012
Steve Schwartzman

I encountered the world of cotton candy one day last fall:

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