Twice-stabbed Stink Bug

23 07 2012

This is a Twice-stabbed Stink Bug (Cosmopepla lintneriana). How does that common name grab ya? It is also known as a Wee Harlequin Bug or Two-spotted Stink Bug. I believe the plant it’s on is a type of Salvia. My friend, Michael Powell, pointed it out to me to photograph at Green Spring Gardens this afternoon. This tiny bug was less than 1/8″ long, so it was quite hard to follow, but I managed to get a number of shots. The tail portion was almost a shimmery silver color—with the red, black and silver combination, it looked like a teeny sports car. I just read that there are as many as 7000 species of sting bugs (also known as shield bugs) in the world, so I figured the odds of identifying it soon were astronomical, but here we are—case closed!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




4 responses

23 07 2012
Alex Khoo

Very nice capture!

23 07 2012
Hanne Malmskov

Love the silver in both flower and bug

25 07 2012

Beautiful little pest.

27 07 2012

They bite, they eat your plants, they invade your homes and they emit a horrible smell when crushed or smashed—and they’re showing up all across the United States. They’re the brown marmorated stink bug, and they’ve been reported in 33 states already this year, according to news reports.

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