Blooming in my garden today: Dutch iris

11 05 2013

Dutch iris (Iris hollandica); these are a new addition to my garden and I think the combination of royal purple, bronze-chocolate and that pop of Big Bird yellow is stunning! There are just two in bloom today, with about 15 more awaiting their chance to turn heads. I’m looking for the bag I saved so that I can identify the exact cultivar; info to come!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

PurpleBronzeYellow Dutch Iris lorez




3 responses

11 05 2013

Beautiful colors, indeed. Iris are such strange flowers… sometimes they look more like rebel vegetables devoting themselves to fashion, don’t they?

15 05 2013

Amazing colors, beautifully captured.

7 06 2013
Alisha C. Valentine

Two other beardless iris are sometimes planted in wet areas. The yellow flag of Europe (Iris pseudoacorus) and our native blue flag (Iris versicolor) are both moisture-loving plants that can be naturalized along streams or lakes. Both are tall, growing two to four feet in height, and are good for providing late spring color in a naturalized landscape. However, there are better choices for perennial displays where the site is not moist.

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