The Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamp Project / Installment #4

8 05 2015

Thanks to all the participants who continue to submit to my “Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project.”

For Installment #4, we have some very happy women on Beale Street in Memphis (Tennessee), friend-through-HLAA Dot (Nevada), friend and fellow photographer Ed (Maryland), FB friend Carolyn (Nebraska), FB friend Mary (Texas), friend-through-HLAA Tom (Florida), my friend Sue’s dear friend Susan (Missouri), my friend Zenna (Virginia), my niece Lauren (Texas) and FB friend Mary (DC). Thanks for purchasing my water lily FOREVER stamps and sharing your mugs with me!

Stamp Selfie Collage 4 revised




2 responses

8 05 2015

Oh my gosh! Those are YOUR photographs! How cool is that? Very cool indeed. I just bought some the other day. Wow, and I subscribe to your blog and love the beautiful pictures you send. I always take time to look as soon as they come in. Very calming in this crazy world. Thank you. Heidi Emmett

8 05 2015

Hi Heidi! Thanks for your very lovely comment. Small world, huh? I’d love to include a selfie of you with them if you’d like to be part of the project! Some people who don’t like posing, have posted with their pets. Also, I’m about to post a contest to get more people to participate. The drawing (which I haven’t decided on an end date yet) will be a canvas of any of my images—winner’s choice!

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