Blooming in my garden: Bearded iris ‘Poem of Ecstasy’

17 05 2015

With tall flowers like this bearded iris stalk, which blooms in my front garden, my background would be parked cars, kids on bikes or asphalt, so I substitute a background of either white or black foam core board to create my “plant portrait.” In this case, I chose the black as my background for more drama. I didn’t have to use my tri-grip diffuser this morning because the light was diffused already, creating an almost studio-lighting quality.

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Flying lessons soon…

10 05 2015

I photographed Mama Dove and her big babies again on Tuesday of last week. I checked yesterday and everyone has left the nest, but Mama and Papa are in view, behaving like sentinels, so I know the babies are now in their “flying lessons” phase and probably resting safely somewhere in my garden!

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The Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamp Project / Installment #4

8 05 2015

Thanks to all the participants who continue to submit to my “Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project.”

For Installment #4, we have some very happy women on Beale Street in Memphis (Tennessee), friend-through-HLAA Dot (Nevada), friend and fellow photographer Ed (Maryland), FB friend Carolyn (Nebraska), FB friend Mary (Texas), friend-through-HLAA Tom (Florida), my friend Sue’s dear friend Susan (Missouri), my friend Zenna (Virginia), my niece Lauren (Texas) and FB friend Mary (DC). Thanks for purchasing my water lily FOREVER stamps and sharing your mugs with me!

Stamp Selfie Collage 4 revised

New Exhibit of Garden Muse: A Botanical Portfolio at Children’s National in Washington, D.C.

3 05 2015

All works are for sale and a portion of sales goes to benefit Children’s National!

Childrens Invite (mine)

Inchworm, inchworm

3 05 2015

I spent quite a while photographing this little inchworm as he made his way along the jagged path of an Autumn fern stalk in the woodland garden at Lewis Ginter this afternoon. Here’s something I didn’t know until I did some homework: this little inchworm is actually not a worm—it is the larvae of a Geometer moth (exactly which type, I haven’t a clue). The word Geometer means to “measure the earth,” which is what the inchworms appear to be doing when they move in this looping crawl. They have two to three pairs of legs at each end so they can “inch” their way through life. (Now I can’t get the inchworm song out of my head!)

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InchWorm 1


2 05 2015

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Small Yellow Foxglove

2 05 2015

Small Yellow Foxglove (Digitalis lutea)

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