iPhoneography: Saucer magnolia blooms

3 04 2018

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Canna blooms

3 08 2017

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WEB Orange Canna

Canna blooms

3 08 2017

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WEB Canna

Larkspur blooms

18 05 2017

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Larkspur 1 lorez

Visual overload: Love-in-a-mist and peonies

16 05 2017

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ProfusionPeonyLove web


16 05 2017
Virginia spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana), if I’m not mistaken
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Lilac color spidewort web

Come a little bit closer…you’re my kind of bloom

16 05 2017

Love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena)

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LoveMist Closeup web

A profusion of Love-in-a-mist blooms

16 05 2017

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Loveinamist profusion 1

Northern Blue Flag iris

21 06 2016

I think this is a Northern Blue Flag iris (Iris versicolor); photographed at Green Spring Gardens. I love the jumble of curving and radiating leaves framing this beautiful bloom (the raindrops in the foreground were a visual bonus!).

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WEB FlagIris.jpg

Goodnight, sweet garden, goodnight…

16 11 2011

Well, sort of…I’ll still post photos of plants that I photograph in the winter months (such as the bulbs I force every year indoors), but alas, my garden has gone dormant and new flower and insect photos will become few and far between. I will be going through my botanical archives in winter to seek new treasures I may have overlooked in my initial culling process, though.

On the subject of gardening, I just began writing a regular monthly column for flowershopnetwork.com. I just completed an article entitled, “Anything but ordinary,” which will be published shortly. You can see my previous posts in the links below:




If you’re interested in things other than gardening, head over to my “everything including the kitchen sink” blog. I’ve got posts on everything from travel, graphic design, art, and entertaining to fascinating people I’ve come to know. You’ll see the same gardening posts that are on this blog as well. I just thought you might want to know what I’m up to when you don’t see plant postings for days on end!


Repost: Yearning for blooms

24 01 2011

Originally posted January 26, 2009

I just came across this lovely intense pink water lily I photographed in July at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Sigh. How much winter is left?

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Spring blooms at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

14 04 2009

On Easter Sunday, Michael and I drove toward Richmond to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden to see what was in bloom. It was a bit too breezy for flower photography, but I did manage to get a few images that made it worth the trip. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is celebrating spring from April 1-June 7 with their exhibit, “A Million Blooms,” a succession of blooms including Daffodils, Cherry blossoms, Tulips, Irises, Roses and Peonies. During our visit, we photographed the Daffodils, Tulips, Pansies, Euphorbias, Candytuft, Muscari and Easter Lilies that were in bloom. The Irises, Roses and Peonies should be in bloom later next month, as I recall from photographing them a few years ago. While in the Conservatory, we noticed a sign in the North Wing announcing an upcoming exhibit, Butterflies LIVE!. The exhibit will run from May 22-October 11, in honor of the Garden’s 25th Anniversary.

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Told ya I was smitten with lilies…

18 06 2008

and here’s the proof….all of these were photographed in my front and back yard gardens. All but the hot pink stargazer lily (center) and the deep orange lily (next to last row, left) were shot just this afternoon.

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