iPhoneography: Flower fly on Rudbeckia

15 08 2018

Flower fly (also known as Hover fly) on Rudbeckia bloom, against a backdrop of caladium leaves (iPhone 8Plus, Camera+ 2 app in macro mode)

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Flower fly on Cranesbill (Geranium)

3 06 2012

Flower fly or Hover fly (Syrphidae) on Cranesbill; photographed at Brookside Gardens

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Nursery Web Spider on Japanese White Anemone

11 09 2011

The late afternoon light illuminating this Japanese White Anemone bloom is what first caught my eye. Then I noticed the spider. At first glance, I thought, “what an unusual spider with extra antennae and a striped head.” It wasn’t until I looked through my macro lens that I saw what it really was—a Nursery Web Spider (I’m fairly confident with the i.d.) consuming a Hoverfly for dinner! Alas, poor Hoverfly. (Of course, spiders have to eat, too). Photographed at Green Spring Gardens

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And finally, Purplelicious Installment #4

6 03 2011

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