Bejeweled spider web

30 10 2014

Spider web photographed at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, Texas. Earlier this month I took a weekend macro photography workshop hosted by my former boss/photography mentor, Brian Loflin. Photos of (and from) the workshop coming soon…

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Spiderweb 1


On Assignment: Rooftop terrace #2

13 10 2014

This is the second rooftop terrace, photographed a few weeks ago for a client. This terrace has a view of both the Capitol building and the Washington Monument!

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APA Terrace 2

On location: Rooftop terrace

7 10 2014

A few weeks ago, I photographed two beautiful new terraces on the top of an association client’s building. If I worked at this place, I’d find it awfully hard to come back inside after a lunch on the rooftop! This is the smaller of the two terraces…photos of the larger one to come…

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

APA Terrace 1