Spiral Ginger (Costus comosus)

31 03 2015

Spiral Ginger (Costus comosus), from Central American and Venezuela (yummy colors, yes?)

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Spiral Ginger lorez


Spider Orchid (Brassidium Golden Gamine ‘White Night’ HCC/AOS)

31 03 2015

Spider Orchid (Brassidium Golden Gamine ‘White Night’ HCC/AOS)

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PurpleSpiderOrchid lorez

Jackfowlieara ‘Appleblossom’ Orchid

31 03 2015

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Epidendrum ‘Miura Valley’ Orchid closeup

31 03 2015

Epidendrum ‘Miura Valley’ Orchid (isn’t it the cutest?)

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SingingOrchid lorez

Epidendrum ‘Miura Valley’ orchid blooms and palms

31 03 2015

A cluster of Epidendrum ‘Miura Valley’ orchid blooms against a backdrop of palms; the dappled afternoon light was so lovely in the conservatory at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

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Orchid & Palms

Masdevallia ‘Peach Allure’ Orchid

31 03 2015

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Orchid Peach Allure lorez

Madagascar crown of thorns

29 03 2015

Euphorbia milii (crown of thorns, Christ plant, Christ thorn), from Madagascar

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CrownOfThorns lorez

Common Morpho (Morpho peleides)

29 03 2015

I got this shot of a Common Morpho (at the Franklin Conservatory in Columbus, OH this past weekend) from almost the same vantage point as my friend, neighbor and fellow photographer Michael Powell got his shot. He was able to get more of the other wing because he has the added advantage of being several inches taller! It is so rare to be able to get a shot of the beautiful blue side of this elusive, quick-moving butterfly. We were thrilled that it stayed on the leaf long enough for both of us to get some shots.

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Common Morph lorez

Love me tendril, love me true…

29 03 2015

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28 03 2015

This Passionflower tendril has encircled a leaf; isn’t it cool?

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DSC_9948 lorez

Passionflower tendril

27 03 2015

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DSC_0070 lorez

‘Mi Amour’

27 03 2015

Odontonia Papageno ‘Mi Amour’, from the orchid family; US Botanic Garden

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DSC_0013 lorez

Water lily stamps debut in Ohio on March 20

26 03 2015

Last week my water lily FOREVER stamps were unveiled at the Garfield-Perry March Stamp Show in Cleveland, Ohio. First photo: digital postmark first day covers and booklet of stamps; second photo: autographed program and cancelled stamps from First Day Ceremony: autographed by Jay Bigalke, American Philatelic Society, Editor of The American Philatelist; Paul Davis from U.S. Postal Service, who sang the National Anthem; Harold Chapman, President of the Garfield-Perry Stamp Club, who gave the welcome; remarks by Cynthia Druckenbord, Vice President of the Cleveland Botanical Garden; (then me!); and then Melvin J. Anderson, U.S. Postal Service Northern Ohio District Manager, and I got to unveil a giant poster with the water lily stamps (Third photo, shot by my dear friend Michael Powell).

The water lily stamps are available in booklet form at post offices across the U.S. You can also order them online.

Stamps in Booklet Form: LINK

First Day Covers (set of four): LINK

First Day Digital Color Postmark (set of four): LINK

Water Lilies DCP Keepsake (four digital color envelopes and stamp book): LINK

Water Lilies Press Sheet (with and without die cuts): LINK

Water Lilies Stamped Envelopes with Seals: LINK

Water Lilies Framed Stamps: LINK


On Assignment: Family tree mural

10 03 2015

One project I assisted on while working in Texas over the holidays was this large tree mural (you’ve seen them on Pinterest with framed photos hanging over the branches like a “family tree.”). Last fall, my friend William painted a mural for Color Clay Studio in Schertz, TX. A customer saw it and William got a gig painting this larger one in a house outside San Antonio. I played assistant artist and it was a lot of fun to create. This mural was considerably bigger than the Color Clay one (the wall was 20 ft. wide x 12 ft. high!), but since it was one solid color (and no birds on the branches, etc.), the task was a little bit easier.

When drawing out the initial sketch with conté chalk, we only had a small printout of a family tree for reference. William went left and I went right and within what seemed about 20 minutes or less, we had the tree roughly drawn in! The little leaves sketched out in the center of the trunk were practice sketches to determine shape and size of the leaves. The remainder of the day was spent going up and down the ladder to paint in branches and leaves. The homeowner was thrilled with the results and said she didn’t even want to put frames over it. Yes, he’s available for murals in the San Antonio area and I’m for hire on the east coast, too. Inquire within! 😉

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Framed Waterlily Stamps Available from USPS!

7 03 2015

Okay, ONE more post about the waterlily stamps. I just discovered they’re doing a framed version with the photos enlarged and the stamps underneath for $39.95! I didn’t see that when I ordered my first day covers. It’s really pretty, too. Check it out in the link below.


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 10.38.58 PM

USPS Facebook Announcement

7 03 2015

Love the look of the keepsake envelopes with the pretty watercolor-y typesetting!

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 6.55.22 PM

Another shameless plug for my waterlily stamps!

6 03 2015

Here’s a cool statistic that I just learned from the USPS PR man—normally they print stamps in quantities of 40-50 million.

They’re printing my waterlily stamps in a quantity of HALF A BILLION—500 million stamps, which usually only happens with their holiday stamps. He said flowers tend to sell particularly well so they’re hoping this is the case with these.

So, on that note, go out and buy a book of 20 on March 20 (when the stamps make their official debut across the US)! You’ll make the USPS (and me) very happy indeed. (And no, I don’t get a cut of sales, in case you’re wondering!)


Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.51.31 PM