Global Forever® Stamp for 2022!

12 01 2022

The USPS issued their very first Global Forever® stamp in 2013 (and it was a globe, appropriately). The USPS sends mail to over 190 countries, and guess whose photo of an African Daisy is going to be on the 2022 Global Forever® stamp? Drum roll, please…..


I just got an email informing me that the news of the debut was released to the public today, so I can share the exciting news here!

USPS Reveals More Stamps for 2022:…/0111-usps-reveals-more-stamps…

You can send 1 oz letters or postcards around the world with one Global Forever® stamp, which currently costs $1.30 and never expires, even if the postage price goes up. For large envelopes (flats) up to 15.994 oz, postage prices vary based on weight and destination.

The African Daisy stamp is being issued in self-adhesive panes of 10. This stamp will be released in Kansas City, MO, without a first-day-of-issue ceremony, on March 14. Sometimes the Postal Store will allow you to pre-order stamps from their website. I think they sometimes put issuances on pre-sale 30 days before issuance, so you might check out their site mid-February: and then go to Stamps and search for African Daisy.

This is the 11th image I’ve had published as a Forever® stamp. Previously, I had images for: Ferns 2014, Water Lilies 2015 and Kenilworth Park (as part of the National Park Service 100th Anniversary 16-stamp panel) in 2016.




2 responses

14 01 2022

Ohhhhh MY GOSH!!! Congratulations Cindy! So happy for you. And I get to “name drop” once again. But THIS time you are going GLOBAL! You must be walking on air right now. So exciting and so well deserved. Congratulations again.

14 01 2022

Aw, thanks, Heidi! Yes, I’m walking on air. 🙂 And I love that it’s GLOBAL! Wish my mom and dad were here to see it all happen. My mom passed in 2010, so she never got to see any of the stamps (and she was a big letter writer/sender, so she would have loved using them). Dad got to see the 2014-2016 stamps, so that was nice. They were my biggest supporters and the “wind beneath my wings.”

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