The Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project / Installment #7

27 05 2015

Thanks to all the participants who continue to submit to my “Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project.”

For Installment #7, we have (hairy) Harry White (Little Rock, AR); friend Betty Ferguson (Denton, TX); Ashley Polk-Sutherlin (owner/artist at Stephano’s Fine Art Gallery, Little Rock, AR); Dolly Parton (Pigeon Forge, TN), new FB friend Paula Biles, owner of About the Lotus, (Bradenton, FL); owner/artist Stephano Sutherlin of Stephano’s Fine Art Gallery (Little Rock, AR); Eual (Hoquiam, WA); Harry & his mother, Gay White​—my friend Sue Cummings‘ aunt and Former First Lady of Arkansas—(Little Rock, AR); friend Debbi and her brother Paul (South Pittsburg, TN); friends Joe and Karen Wyatt (Alexandria, VA); friend and fellow Emmylou Harris fan Jim Slattery​ (Washington, D.C.); garden and lifestyle TV personality/author P. Allen Smith at his Moss Mountain Farm outside Little Rock, AR; Lori (Tacoma, WA); Marge (Hoquiam, WA); friends Pam, Nancy and Ft Eyre​ (Hot Springs Village, AR) at Moss Mountain Farm this past week; friend and fellow photographer Alex Solla (Trumansburg, NY); Teddy (at Moss Mountain Farm in AR); friend and HLAA member Molly Corum​ (Tampa, FL); and finally—during his whirlwind trip around the world in Great Britain, Paris and Italy (without even leaving Vegas!)—my longtime friend (met him in the first days of AOL a gazillion years ago!) Bret Keisling​ (Harrisburg, PA)

If you’d like to participate, head to your post office and request the Water Lily Forever Stamps, then photograph yourself (or your dog/kids/significant other) with the stamps and email me at or post on my FB page!

Installment #7 smaller

The Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamp Project / Installment #6

20 05 2015

Thanks to all the participants who continue to submit to my “Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project.”

For Installment #6, we have Dan (Texas) who happens to be wearing a really cool shirt with giant koi on it (how’s that for a nod to ponds?); my cousin Deanna (Georgia); my friend Hollace (Maryland); Joni (Couers Fleurs Farm in Kentucky)—I met Joni’s brother, Gary, when I was photographing one morning at Kenilworth and now I’m FB friends with him, Joni and her husband, Ed (all of whom have beautiful gardens that I want to photograph); Tammy (Georgia)—who is my cousin Deanna’s best friend AND, after some family history research last year, I have discovered that Tammy’s husband Darrell is actually my cousin, so that makes Tammy not just a friend but a cousin-in-law! (Is there such a thing?); Tammy used the stamps today on mail for their family business, Merritt Heating & Cooling; and last, but certainly not least, Elizabeth (Texas).

Installment #6

The Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamp Project / Installment #5

19 05 2015

Thanks to all the participants who continue to submit to my “Traveling Water Lily Forever Stamps Project.” For Installment #5, we have my sister-in-law Ann (Kansas), friend-through-HLAA Juliette (Wisconsin), blog subscriber and new friend Heidi (California), my friend Martha‘s niece Erica (New York); former boss/mentor and friend Brian (Texas), Erica’s dad, Peter (New York) who is my friend Martha’s brother​, Martha’s mother Virginia (New York), friend-through-HLAA Marjie and her mother Judy (Florida), and a creative First Day Cover artwork submitted by Lloyd (North Carolina). Thanks for purchasing my water lily FOREVER stamps and sharing your mugs with me!

I’ll be announcing details on a contest to win a signed 20×30 gallery wrap canvas, which will be awarded to the person who collects the most selfies (need name/city/state of each) by an end date. Details to follow! Come on, stamp lovers—-get me those entries!

Installment #5

Blooming in my garden: Siberian iris

17 05 2015

One more shot utilizing a black background (in lieu of showing a background composed of an asphalt street, a neighbor’s driveway and a yellow curb!)

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

WhiteSiberianIris lorez

Blooming in my garden: Bearded iris

17 05 2015

And one more from my garden…Bearded iris (Iris germanica sp.) I have no idea which cultivar/hybrid this is.

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YellowGoldBearded lorez


17 05 2015

Here’s a little tip to achieve this bright punch of color in the background: I had my Nikon D800 with my Nikkor 105mm micro lens on a tripod and the peony framed and focused for my composition. I held my tri-grip translucent diffuser between the sun and the peony, but I let the background to the left be illuminated by the sun—that made the green pop against this hot pink peony. Sometimes I’ll diffuse the flower and the background but in this case, that background of lime green lit by the sun is just what I needed to make this image pop!

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Blooming in my garden: Bearded iris (unknown variety)

17 05 2015

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